New Revised Edition

This exciting, timeless and at times chilling novel was first published in 1997 when the countries of Europe were slowly waking up from their bad dreams of mutual nuclear annihilation. At any rate that was the `threatening` message as daily served to the `common` people by the `independent` media in a divided continent...

It is a at times chilling story, sometimes told at first hand, about the `phantoms` of the `Cold War`, and leading to and resulting in a de facto " "Divide and Rule-Europe" strategic quagmire. Often nourished and not seldom upheld by dark forces in the (corporate !) `free` West and NATO.
Because of a strong, `hidden` demand and growing interest in this `murky` period of European history, this book is being republished in a `revised edition` as a warning not to divide this continent, rich in history, culture, mineral and human resources once more...

Starting with the unsolved murder of Olof Palme, the Swedish Statsminister (Minister of State) in 1986, it covers the period until some years after the collapse of the USSR, when many aspects of a `dirty` secret war, the confrontation between East and West, became common knowledge. Suddenly the citizens of the so called `free world`, blindfolded as they were by constantly biased media `reporting` , started to realise that the activities and covert `dirty trick`-intelligence operations of e.g. the KGB and STASI were more than `compensated` by the practises and modus operandi of Western (!) colleagues in `services` like the CIA, MI6, Mossad, BND and others, `trained` in the fine Art of Misleading their own countrymen...

This book also touches upon the smuggling from the Baltic countries of such strategic items as caesium and beryllium to `clients` in the Middle East. Could the sinking of the 15.000 to ms Estonia on that dark night of the 28th of september 1994, causing the death of 852 people, also fit in this often paranoid, `country boy` and erratic behaviour of the, at times, rather unintelligent `dark forces` creating fancy phantasies ?
Many questions remain !

First Edition:
Minerva Press - London 1997
ISBN 1-86106-572-8
258 pages, 13x20cm

Second Edition:
Martin Leeuwis Publications - Vlijmen 2012
ISBN 978-94-90008-09-3
184 pages, 15x21cm

eBook edition:
Martin Leeuwis Publications - Vlijmen 2012
ePub, Mobi (Kindle), pdf and htm versions