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The thriller “The Heart of Nowhere” is based partly on fact and partly on fiction. It is a story, sometimes told at first hand, about people, organisations and countries who all, for their part, lived with the unshakeable assumption that their contribution was of great significance to national, or sometimes international events. At any rate, this was the message which daily got through to the (common!) citizen, intelligent or otherwise, via the ‘independent‘ media both in the East as well as in the West. This book gives an intriguing inside view of some illegal STASI activities before the fall of the ‘Wall‘ and the investigation by a man called Ed Stevens This soon implicates a number of high-profile officials, all of whom are out to stop him before he can prove their involvement in a risky, and illegal worldwide trade game. His mission in the maze of Eastern Europe, known as ‘Riviera‘, led to the discovery of highly sensitive documents in a bank vault in Vienna, later known as “The Rosewood File” - disclosing the names of STASI agents and their illegal activities abroad.
In the United States, the former Head of the CIA Counter-espionage Section (!), ‘Rick‘ Aldrich Hazen Ames and his wife Rosario (Casas Dupuy) were arrested in 1994 and indicted for high treason, when it became evident that the pair collaborated since 1985 with Russian Intelligence services and those of some former satellite states.
Starting with the unsolved murder of Olof Palme, the Swedish Statsminister (Minister of State) in 1986, it covers the period until some years after the collapse of the USSR, when many aspects of a ‘dirty‘ secret war, the confrontation between East and West, became common knowledge. Suddenly the citizens of the ‘free‘ world started to realise, that the activities and covert operations of intelligence organizations like e.g. the KGB and STASI were more than ‘compensated‘ by the practices and modus operandi of Western intelligence services like the CIA, MI6, Mossad, BND and others. This book also describes the smuggling from the Baltic countries of such strategic items as caesium and beryllium to ‘clients‘ in the Middle East.
Could the sinking of the 15.000 ton ms Estonia on that dark night of the 28th of September 1994, causing the death of 852 people, also fit in this often paranoid, provincial and erratic behaviour of the, at times, rather unintelligent dark forces of ‘intelligence‘...?
Many questions remain! Documents that are used in this book are translations based on the German originals; several names of companies and people have been changed. In some cases, initials only have been used. Should these initials bring to mind persons with a particular name, then this is purely coincidental!
In the Europe of today, now that the European Union and Russia are linked by a “Common European Space” treaty, the events and facts as described in this book look like strange happenings in a distant past. Maybe the dream of former French President Charles de Gaulle, of a peaceful Europe ranging from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural Mountains, could slowly become a reality.